Changing the channel

Changing the Channel: A comprehensive guide to Connected TV

How advertisers can tune in to Connected TV

The UK Connected TV (CTV) market has been gaining momentum over the last 12 months as audiences have continued to diversify their viewing habits. In turn, brands are tuning into the exciting new opportunities that CTV offers.

Drawing on advice from a range of industry experts, our Connected TV guide explores key considerations for advertisers looking to get the most from this booming market.


How advertisers can tune in to Connected TV

How are viewing habits changing?

From binge watching to device hopping, the growth of CTV is changing the way we watch programmes. Explore our consumer insights to see how viewing habits are evolving and what that means for advertisers. 

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How are viewing habits changing

“I used to organise parts of my life around  when something was going to be on TV. I don’t have to do that anymore”

Tanvisha, Consumer Participant

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