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The 5 rules of effectiveness

We have teamed up with Kantar to analyse and test the factors that create an effective digital display campaign. Analysis of the top 20% performing campaigns reinforced five basic rules for getting it right: 

  1. Ensure the messaging is focused

  2. Make the brand instantly visible and prominent across all frames of the ad

  3. Deliver new information about the product of brand

  4. Make sure ads are highly relevant – targeting is key

  5. Highly likeable ads are more likely to drive awareness

Rules of attention

Five ways to maximise ad attention online

Generating attention is a key component when it comes to understanding digital advertising’s overall effectiveness. We’ve teamed up with eye-tracking specialists Lumen and IPSOS MORI to identify five key ways brands can boost the attention of their digital ads.

  1. Quality matters

  2. Think about location

  3. Clean up clutter 

  4. Tap into smart targeting

  5. Be creatively fit for purpose 

Digital is effective

Digital is Effective

Previous IAB UK research in collaboration with Kantar Millward Brown, OnDevice Research and RAM demonstrates that digital display advertising is effective across all key marketing metrics, including awareness, brand perception, education and sales intent.

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