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D.E.A.L. is a recommended approach for publishers to connect with ad blocking consumers through a step-by-step process implemented by the IAB:

  • Detect ad blocking, in order to initiate a conversation
  • Explain the value exchange that advertising enables
  • Ask for changed behaviour in order to maintain an equitable exchange
  • Lift restrictions or Limit access in response to consumer choice.

Data exchanges

Online auction marketplace where advertisers acquire 3rd party data that helps them better reach their target audiences with display. Data exchanges were created as marketplaces where online data providers could sell their data directly to demand-side platforms (DSPs) and ad networks. Used by ad networks and DSPs. 

Data management platform (DMP)

Platforms that allow advertisers, agencies, publishers and others to control their own first-party audience and campaign data, compare it to third-party audience data, and give the ability to make smarter media buying and campaign planning decisions via behavioural targeting or extending audiences via lookalike modeling.  Advertisers and agencies generally utilise DMPs in order to buy more effectively while publishers typically utilise DMPs in order to segment their audiences and sell more effectively.

Demand-side platform (DSP)

An advertising technology platform which allows marketers to manage their online media campaigns by facilitating the buying of auction-based display media and audience data across multiple inventory and data suppliers in a centralised management platform. 

Digital rights management (DRM)

Digital rights management involves a set of technologies used by publishers and media owners to control access to their digital content. Access can be limited to the number of times a piece of content is accessed from a single machine or user account; the number of times access permissions can be passed on; or the lifespan of a piece of content.