Argos is first to offer ‘voice shopping’ via Google Home

Posted on: Monday 28 September 2020

Argos is the first retailer to offer a shopping service using Google Home to reserve items.

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Argos has become the first retailer to allow customers to use their Google Home devices to reserve items in store.
This type of ‘voice shopping’ will also be available on Google Assistant-enabled smartphones, making the process of checking availability and purchasing products easier than ever.

John Rogers, chief executive of Argos, told the BBC: "This launch is step one and I don't expect to turn on the app and suddenly double our sales.

"But I expect people will use it and experiment with it - and if we can make it a seamless process, you can see why people would want to use it." He went on to say that while technology is helping to facilitate the Argos shopping experience, the famous catalogue is still at the centre of its offering.

The retailer does not yet have a voice app on the Alexa platform, but Mr Rogers did not rule this out for the future.
He said that the company talks to all the big players and that it is “dipping a toe in the water” when it comes to this type of shopping.

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