CMA online platforms and digital advertising market study: final report

Posted on: Wednesday 01 July 2020 | IAB UK

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Healthy competition is the bedrock of a successful, diverse and sustainable digital ad industry. The IAB is fully committed to supporting a fair and competitive UK online marketplace and its ability to compete globally. 

IAB UK responded to the CMA’s  ‘Online platforms and digital advertising market study’ interim report, published in December 2019, and we will now be looking closely at the recommendations in its final report and engaging with the call for information from the new Digital Markets Taskforce. 

We welcome the report’s recognition of the significant value that targeted digital advertising has for both consumers and businesses, including the 60% of UK SMEs that use paid digital advertising to reach their customers. We also welcome the CMA’s evidence-led approach to developing proportionate interventions that considers the potential risks to the health and diversity of the market.

UK digital advertising companies are navigating a landscape in flux as a result of both economic and regulatory uncertainty. It’s crucial that the Government delivers a coherent and joined-up approach to policy-making and considers the impact of potential regulatory changes arising from the CMA’s study on companies of all types and sizes that make up the UK market, and alongside the other policy and regulatory workstreams impacting the sector. As part of this, we urge the Government to engage with the new Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum, to ensure that the regulatory framework enables a diverse industry that can continue to provide the benefits of targeted advertising, and the content and services that rely on it, to consumers and businesses alike. 

Next steps
We hosted a short briefing for members on the CMA’s report on Wednesday 8 July and members can view the slides from the presentation below. If you have any comments or questions please email us on 


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