seedtag: How to efficiently reach users through visual media

Posted on: Friday 02 October 2020 | Seedtag

Working with MetrixLab, seedtag have conducted research into how the context of an ad impacts the attention it receives

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With a study of over 1,000 consumers, seedtag and MetrixLab evaluated both common display and in-image advertising to understand users’ preferences when it comes to digital advertising and the impact of contextual targeting.The findings show: 

  • Placing ads alongside contextually relevant content translates into users’ greater preference and more positive reactions (+40% likeability), as the brand matches users’ interest in real time, impacting them while they are in the right mindset

  • When it comes to maintaining attention, in-Image ads are 4 to 6.7 times more effective and combining in-image placement with a contextual strategy boosts the perception for a brand

  • 59% like it when advertising is related to the article/content being read about 

Download the research and the white paper


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